Monday 17 May 2010

A Vintage Card with some tealights

Gosh it's been ages since I've blogged anything or even commented on friends blogs - what with the house and garden, work, and then we did Go Ape last week in Derbyshire time just seems to have flown by.

This card I made at the weekend - its one of those cards I've been meaning to do for a while now but hey!

And here is the card opened

The ribbon keeps the little 4 tealights inside just nicely but you can't see them which is a shame  - what I might do is change the template a little and make little tabs at each end so I don't need to use ribbon and then you can see whats inside. 

I mentioned earlier about Go Ape - well here's just a couple of photies - it was great fun even though I'm not good with heights.

Here's Steve gracefully crash landing from the zip line!!!  (still he always manages to smile for the camera)!!!!

Here's Viki trying to fathom out how to come unhooked from the rope

And heres me in the distance on the zip line - thankfully you can't hear me screaming or see the landing - straight on my butt and covered in woodchip!!!

Well's thats it for now TTFN xx


  1. Hey you are back!!!!!!!!! Great card / gift Polly. As you know I just love your vintage stuff, veeeeery classy! Seems you had a great time, will have to catch up soon. x

  2. lol love Steve's ability to smile at all costs for your camera, I am sure this will turn up on a layout in the not to distant future, I thought I heard you screaming (you must have screamed loud) especially when you landed on your rear.

    Love the card and the tea light storage, this will make some one a very special card

    Hugs and cya soon

    Kate xx

  3. Awww good to see you back hon - I missed you. Beautifully elegant card, I saw this on some elses blog a little while ago but yours is much nicer. lol at Steves happy grin for the camera - what a pro ( or should that be ham ) lol only kidding, looks like you had a really fun time, take care - see you soon XXX

  4. I'm so glad to have found your blog through the Inspiration blog. Your work is gorgeous. I love the vintage feel of your projects. This particular card is very beautiful. I love the papers you used and vintage photo. hugs, Angela

    ps. Just looking at your zip line photos makes me dizzy! LOL! I hate heights!