Saturday 12 December 2009

Shabby Challenge Number 6 'Christmas'

Taken a while to do my shabby piece - its been put together and dismantled so many times I'm surprised its still sticking together!! It was all about Christmas so I wanted to use in some way - Angels. Anyway, I finished it last night and when I shouted down to my hubby 'Would you like to see my Tussie Mussie' you just know he's got the wrong end of the stick when he shouts back 'HELL YES' and he's bounding up the stairs like a bat out of hell!!! (Thanks Tracey but I'll stick to calling it a Victorian Cone in future).

The cardboard wings were from Running with Scissors and were painted with white gesso. I then added some gold metallic paint to bring out the raised areas and a white feather was added behind each wing for a wispy look. I added bits of lace, ribbon and white pearls to the outside of the cone and just added a strip of white bobbly ribbon to the inside. I have a lovely stamp with the sentiment 'To hear the angels whisper you must listen with your heart' so I stamped this on to frosted shrink plastic and blasted it with the heat gun and added this to the cone point. I found a lovely image of an angel and printed this out and stuck it on a gold card (scalloped nestabilities). It was originally filled with more than 3 Ferrero Roches but ......... I ate the rest!!

Well thats it for now - currently playing with my new Magnolia stamps which arrived last night - theres even a piano stamp this time!!! TTFN


  1. Holly smokes Polly just love your cone. Thanks ever so much for playing along with us at Shabby.

    lol about DH getting his wires crossed.

  2. LMLTO, Tell Steve to get a grip!!!!!! and not of your Tussie Mussie!!!!!! Oh Polly I was giggling my head off as I could just see him bombin up the stairs 100 mph!!!!!!! I was in hysterics!!!!!! Any way, now I've calmed down a bit, this is so beautiful. Gotta be one of my favourites ever from you. It;s so delicate and 'pure' if you know what I mean. I would be so proud if I had come up with such a beautiful piece. x

  3. Ditto Sue - I had the very same vision and also pmsl. Love the CONE and matt says "just one more cornetto give it to Steve" anyway this is a gorgoeus piece and good luck in the challenge. Will be round to assist you in finishing the chocolates shortly........
    Kate x

  4. Just GORGEOUS!!!!!!
    LOVE the wings, absolutely stunning!
    (And love the Ferrero
    The story about your husband is sooo funny!

    Thanks very much for playing along with us at Shabby!


  5. Wow! this is stunning. What a great idea! Just beautiful.

  6. A vision in white! really beautiful "tussie mussie" giggle. Blessings!

  7. LOL @ your DH!!!!

    Loooooove the Victorian Cone...the wings are incredible!

  8. Be still my HEART!!!! This is just flat GORGEOUS!!!! WOW!!!!! Thanks so much for playing!!!

  9. Oooh how stunning is this!!! Its beautiful! Had to giggle at your DH's response!! hee hee!! I LOVE Ferrero Roches!!!
    Thanks so much for playing along with us at Shabby!

  10. Thanks for sharing your intimate monments with us Polly!!......I am still waiting for inspiration to use my wings so am extremely jealous to see that you have beaten me and with such style too!!

    I just adore your fluffy tussie!!

  11. OMG, absolute stunning creation!:)

    Thanks for playing with us at Shabby!

    Hugs, Tímea

  12. Gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thanks for playing along with us at Shabby!!

  13. Love your take on the challenge!
    Hugz, Z

  14. Oh this is so prettyn, love those gorgeous angel wings on it...