Thursday 9 July 2009

Vintage style Memo book & Holder

Took the day off today since I had to see hubby off quite early (away on business for 2 days) - so after making sure all the housework was done, washing out on the line I toddled off to Running With Scissors with some birthday money I got early. Bought 10 bottles of dabbers, some MORE paper and a lovely Crafty Individual image pad. Was really chuffed with this. After making another scrapbook page of Steve ( want to show him first before I blog it), I made this little memo book and holder. Everso simple to make - had to tweak the holder a few times before I was happy with the size. There is a tutorial for this but will have to edit this post later tomorrow with the link as its a favourite on my work pc and although I didn't have the instructions to hand it was pretty straightforward.

All you need is cardboard, cardstock, paper and embellishments and believe me I have plenty of those. The lace is from Running with Scissors and at 99p a metre an absolute bargain - it really is lovely and probably one of the nicest lace I have in my stash. Well here is the memo holder and notebook....

... and this photie shows the little memo book and the memo holder - quite sweet I think as when you flip open the book the post-its are in the shape of a heart.

Well thats it for now - off to watch the first Harry Potter film with Viki AGAIN!


  1. Have a lovely evening with Vicki, did you decide on gammon and onion rings in the end lol, love love love your memo book and holder, it is truly beautiful, you had a very productive afternoon, can't wait to see the page , thankyou very much for the mention XXX

  2. Absolutely beautiful,and very classy. Love the CI images, they just suit the vintage look so much. See you soon.
    Sue x