Monday 6 July 2009

Orange Scrapbook layout of my hubby

Before I start I would like to say that hubby does know that I have scrapbooked this particular photie of him!!! Not exactly the most flattering of poses but hey! thats Steve for you.

Reading the latest issue of Scrapbook Inspirations one of the challenges to submit is a orange layout. This photie I thought was perfect colourwise although the subject matter of hubby with MY bra on his head leaves a lot to be desired. But in his defence he was extremely hot. How my bra ended up on his head and why is beyond me but it was a perfect photo opportunity - so I took it! And here is the page. xx


  1. Fab photo Polly, great sub for a sun hat!!!

    Good job Steve's game for a laugh!!!

    Love the colours - where did you get that shaped piece from or did you make it?


  2. Can't stop laughing at this Polly! Are you submitting it for all to see????? He's such a good sport lol.
    Sue x

  3. oh polly what a fantastic photo opportunity and steve quite flattering I think. love the colour I have today just been and purchased the same orange spotty it is so vibrant and warming. Lovely payge layout
    cya soon
    kate x

  4. lol Polly that photo is hilarious, I must say a blue one would have suited him better, lovely page too, love the shaped edge TFS XXX