Tuesday 19 May 2009

Copic Markers AGAIN!

Had another play with my copic markers tonight - these have the depth of shading that I was after. Going to make them into cards now - well, looking at the time maybe tomorrow night!!!

Hi Sue - Had a play with Storybook - the cartridge is ace!!!! Soooooo going to get this one!!! Thanks everso for lending it to me xx


  1. WOW Polly, you're right, the shading on these is great, really shows all the different colours you've used xxxx

  2. Sam's right Polly, the shading is great!!!!! Water colouring is THE thing of the moment. Glad you like the cartridge. I will speak to you before Saturday.
    Sue x

  3. They are gorgeous Polly cant wait to see the finished cards. What base shade are you using for the skin as mine seems a little wishy washing in comparison. cya soon kate x