Sunday 15 March 2009

Mothers Day - Vintage style

Spent this afternoon making Mothers Day cards - have 8 orders and upto now done .......3!!! So better get my finger out and stop playing with these magnolia stamps!. Was also hoping to have a play with my Ten second studio stuff that hubby bought me for Christmas but looks like that will have to wait until next week now. These are the 3!!!! cards done so far - I like them so hoping that my friends who have ordered them will like them as well. They just take an age to do - hubby laughs at me as I'll sit staring at it for ages and then move a flower all of 3mm!!!!


  1. Lovely set, the middle one is my favourite - can't wait to see the other 5 xxxx

  2. Ooooh luvly............. I love Vintage stuff, being vintage myself lol.
    Sue x

  3. I think they are beautiful, I am sure your friends are going to love them!