Saturday 28 March 2009

Late night scrapbooking - Sisters

Doing a little spring cleaning I came across a packet of photies from a New Years Eve party. I found a lovely one of me and my younger sis - Charlotte. So, the spring cleaning stopped and out came my vintage papers, inks, flower punch, cuttlebug and guillotine and started scrapbooking. Bear in mind this was about 10 o'clock last night!

A flower punch by Woodware was used to create the flowers and the petals were just curled over a thin dowel, the leaves were just pieces of cream card run through the cuttlebug with a leaf die and then just distressed inked.

This shows the papers on the page which were distressed with a thread cutter and then distressed inked. As you move the ink applicator over the edges it naturally curls the edges giving a more distressed look.

The sentiment was just printed onto cream card, again distressed and the word 'sister' was added (again, the cuttlebug was used).

And here is the final page - can't wait to show it to my sis - SHE REALLY HATES VINTAGE! ! !

Friday 27 March 2009

Magnolia Down Under Challenge - Bling it on ! ! !

Oh yes - another Magnolia card but this time its for a challenge on the 'Magnolia Down Under' site. Its all about Bling!

So this afternoon I set about creating this card. Magnolia was coloured with distress inks, lots of diamanties were put round the oval (my daughter Viki bought me the oval nestabilities for Mothers Day so I thought I would give them a whirl) a few flowers added and here it is. The background paper is quite glittery but it was difficult to capture the sparkle unless you get close up to it (if you click on the image you can just about see some sparkly bits)

Thursday 26 March 2009

Another puzzle piece!

Found another puzzle piece amongst my evergrowning stash so couldn't resist having another vintage altered piece. Quite a simple puzzle piece - just a vintage tinted photie with flowers, ribbon and braid and a lovely sentiment added to the side. Oh and some lovely little pearls round one corner. That's it really!

Tuesday 24 March 2009


Why oh why is it that when I try something new - it turns into a favourite! ! Went to my first ever scrapbooking class on Saturday at Running With Scissors taught by Tracie and this is what I made there. This is my lovely daughter Viki!

So off I toddled home with my little pack from Running With Scissors, raided my paper stash (which I must add is the height of my current ironing pile - which reminds me, I must have a word with the hubby - he really must get to grips with it)! I found some snaps from our cruise last year - and created this. You have to realise I NEVER EVER wear dresses so a piccie of me in this dress is nothing short of a miracle!!!

And if that wasn't enough I had to have another go - this time with a photie from our wedding day taken nearly 7 years ago. Oh doesn't time fly by!!! And we've hardly changed a bit lol!! OK well maybe a couple of ounces here and there! This one is my fave (well out of the 3 anyway) and all I did with this one was cut out the flowers from a duplicate sheet, curled the edges over a very thin dowel and then stuck under them some 3d pads to add depth (yet another tip from Tracey).

This is a close-up of the 3d effect flowers.

And this is how looks as a page.

Saturday 21 March 2009


Thanks Sue you........ you've tagged me - just you wait.
Steve was up to the challenge more than me - thought it was most amusing specialy when he saw the photo of me looking, as he put it, quite normal for a Saturday night just after eleven.

Make up warn off, look half asleep - Oh HOW I REALLY APPRECIATE THIS SUE ! ! ! xxxxx

But check out Sue here who tagged me

Magnolia AGAIN!!!!

Got the Magnolia bug at the minute - Steve my hubby was out last night for a couple of quiet pints with his buddy so full advantage was taken of the peace and quiet (plus the fact that there was no interferance from him)!!!! and this is what I ended up doing.

A Magnolia card in brown ... oh and pink!!!!!!! The edges in this card was just inked with brown chalk which gives it some depth.

This one was just inked and distressed around the edges.

And this one was just left plain.

Have a good weekend.

Next Project - Lasagne!!!!!

Wandering around TK Max I found this photo frame on the bargain shelf for £3!!! Couldn't resist it at that price and..... its ideal for my next project - a lasagne frame inspired by Sue and then Sam. Well thats the plan at the moment anyway so watch this space!

Sunday 15 March 2009

Mothers Day - Vintage style

Spent this afternoon making Mothers Day cards - have 8 orders and upto now done .......3!!! So better get my finger out and stop playing with these magnolia stamps!. Was also hoping to have a play with my Ten second studio stuff that hubby bought me for Christmas but looks like that will have to wait until next week now. These are the 3!!!! cards done so far - I like them so hoping that my friends who have ordered them will like them as well. They just take an age to do - hubby laughs at me as I'll sit staring at it for ages and then move a flower all of 3mm!!!!


Phew - finally got round to adding a post!. Well, after spotting these Magnolia stamps on Tracie's blog (Running with Scissors), - I loved the way they were coloured in with distress inks. I just had to have a go. To be honest I found it very theraputic and the time just flew by. My cuppa was stone cold by the time I got round to drinking it!!!!

Saturday 7 March 2009

Puzzle piece - Thank heaven for little girls

Being that pink is my absolute fave colour I decided to cover a huge piece of jigsaw that I found lying around. I'm always searching for gorgeous vintage photies and this was one of them. The girls are really beautiful and all I did was add flowers and leaves (both from Running with Scissors). The leaves have a lovely fluffy feel to them - will be going back for more of these lovelies). I think its very pretty and summery and all it needs is a chain and it will be hanging in my hallway. Hope you like it too.

Sunday 1 March 2009

Pink & Brown: Challenge at Gothic Arches

Gothic Arches challenge theme for this week is Pink & Brown so this is what I came up with. Its nice to have a brief to work to - once everyone has posted their work you can see how much imagination has gone into each piece and how varied the ideas can be. Check out their site at it really is worth a look.

A bit of fun: Lingerie cards

These were just a bit of fun. I made one for my hubbie for Valentines day and as he was really chuffed with it, guess what............ I made some more! ! ! If only I could say my bum looked as good as these! !