Saturday 21 March 2009


Thanks Sue you........ you've tagged me - just you wait.
Steve was up to the challenge more than me - thought it was most amusing specialy when he saw the photo of me looking, as he put it, quite normal for a Saturday night just after eleven.

Make up warn off, look half asleep - Oh HOW I REALLY APPRECIATE THIS SUE ! ! ! xxxxx

But check out Sue here who tagged me


  1. Wow Polly, you did the task! I'm impressed! AND you don't look bad lol. See ya Saturday.

    Sue x

  2. LOL, great photo!!! Well done you for taking part!!!

    I am loving your blog!!! I am a member of the Inpsirational blog and I would love to feature your blog on it with your permission, all I need to do is "borrow" some photos from your blog and post them with a little write up on the Inspirational blog!!! Could you please contact me at