Saturday 28 February 2009

A day at Art from the Heart ..... with Tim!!!

Did I mention meeting Tim Holtz in my profile?? But of course I did!!!!! Well here are some photies from that superb day at Art from the Heart. This is a picture of all of us with Dyan

from left to right: Me, Sue, Dyan (Art from the Heart) & Sam.

From left to right: Sam, Tim, Me & Sue

And here we are with Sir Tim!!! We all had the biggest grins that day and all thanks to Sue who arranged this fab trip for us!! Sue (who unfortunately wasn't quick enough to get next to him in this photo - well it was every girl for themselves!!!!!) was formerly the owner of Paper Paradise and has become a really good friend - her talent for altered art is amazing. Days before the shop closed I made my hubby Steve take photies of all her work that was on display. She really is an amazing artist.

From left to right: Sam, Tim, Sue & Me

And yet another one - this time Sue got in there first. How she managed to keep that smile whilst I was thumping her in the back for getting next to Sir Tim is beyond me!!!

And the best one saved to last - just Me and Tim!!!!! Yes this one is on my desk at work!! right next to one of me and the hubby!!!!

Thanks Sue for organising all this - Thanks Sam for driving us there and back in such bad weather and thanks to my hubby Steve for taking all these fab photies of us all.


  1. Looks like you all had a fantastic day, I would have been jostling for a hug too, is he as cute as he looks ??? TFS XXX

  2. Oh ABSOLUTELY!!!!! In fact cuter!!! Anyone know where I can get a 5ft cardboard cutout of him!!!

  3. We had a fab day all in all dispite the weather!!!! And yeah, thanks Steve for taking all the photos xxxx

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  5. OOh green with envy here!!!! I wish I could of had a cuddle too!!!!! Glad you all had such a fantastic day!!!