Monday 18 January 2010

Lets Get Shabby - Summer (aka Doris Day meets Baywatch)

As soon as the challenge was set for Lets Get Shabby with the theme SUMMER I had a few ideas and yep - none of the ideas I came up with have been entered for this challenge. I was going to decorate a box beach hut style, then I was going to decorate a frame beach hut style with a bunting hanging on it with 'Wish you were here' with some vintage images of bathing beauties stuck on it but I ruined that by adding yellow paint over blue paint and coming up with a real naff green DOH!!! So in a hurry to enter the challenge before it was too late I sat down last night and made a .... card. But not just any normal card - a bikini card!! When I showed hubby it and asked him what he thought he said 'OOoooh Doris Day meets Baywatch'!!!!!

So here it is - the front ....

and the back.

I used red gingham paper and crumpled it up and distressed the edges with a pair of scissors and inked it with Vintage Photo. Added 2 layers of lace to the bikini back and finished it off with blue ribbon. The front was the same. The little starfish was white so I just coloured that in a sandy colour copic pen and added it to some thick thread. To keep with the colour scheme of the challenge I added a orange button to the front and a green button to the back.

Disappointed that I've rushed it and again not sure if its shabby or not but this is one challenge site I enjoy and look forward to entering each month. The Design Team (a very talented bunch) always leave nice comments no matter what I submit for the challenges which makes it well worthwhile in my opinion. Well thats it for tonight TTFN xx

(Just had a thought - if I hadn't shown it to hubby I could have given it to him as a Valentines card - he's always wanted to see me in a bikini - well this is as close as hes gonna get to that I can tell you!!!)


  1. oh Polly
    unique as always not only the card but the post too, had me smiling again, and can't believe the things that go through your head hun............. Love the interpretation and I am sure its a winner, I would vote for it with that fantastic cleavage and nicely rounded bottom.
    hugs kate x

  2. Love, love, love it! Such a great take on the challenge!
    hugz, Z

  3. Kate's right Polly you come up with some unique ideas. Great job as always, in fact the bikini top might just fit me! (yeah whatever)!!!!!!

  4. Ahh... this is so cool!!!
    I love this idea! So original!
    Thanks for playing along with us at Shabby!!

  5. just love your take on the theme polly thanks ever so much for playing along with us at shabby.

  6. Chuckle chuckle......Your DH is so funny!! A beach hut sounded like a great idea what a shame the paint didn't go your way...I hate days like that but normally something better pops up eventually and your bikini is certainly popping up!!
    I might have to make Mark one from his "fat bottomed girl!!"
    Thanks for playing with us again Polly and for being so loyal to the cause! xxx

  7. WOW! This is just gorgeous and soooo clever.
    I love your take on the challenge.

  8. Wow, fantastic card!
    So unique!
    love it!!

  9. HOW DANG CUTE!!!! Thanks for playing!!!

  10. I love it! I laughed out loud when I saw the back. Great job!

  11. I love this idea Polly!

  12. THIS IS FABULOUS!!! Ooooh Polly! I just LOVE IT! I giggled when I saw the back!!
    Such a creative approach!
    THanks so much for playing along with us at shabby!! (and for the sweet comments too!!!)

  13. Hahaha, this is so funny! And what an creative idea! LOVE it!!!

    Thanks so much for playing along with us at Shabby!


  14. Oh this is so fabulous card!Very creative!Love it!

    Thanks for playing with us at Shabby!

    hugs, Tímea

  15. *giggle* this is so cute and clever

  16. CONGRATULATIONS on your honourable mention = very well deserved and most expected

    hugs kate x