Sunday 22 November 2009

Vintage style Victorian Cone

Not had much time for making things this week - been a bit off with earache AGAIN!!!! Think its time to see a doctor about it as its more often than not these days! Since giving up smoking I've never been so unhealthy!!! Wonder if I can bribe the doctor to recommend smoking again :O)

Anyway whilst watching I'm a celebrity last night (not a tube of pink smarties to be seen anywhere so definitely not feeling well) I sat in front of the fire with some bits and pieces and made this. It was made from black cardstock and then covered with the gold and black harlequin paper. Added some torn music paper inked this with Vintage Photo and then this was covered with ribbon that I frayed!!! Added some lace and ribbon, some flowers and black roses and then the cream feathers added inside the rim of the cone. I've just filled it with some vanilla smelling pot pourri. This piece actually evolved rather than planning it for a change.

Got an idea for maybe a couple of christmassy type ones to hang on the fireplace - hmmmmm!! TTFN xx


  1. Beautiful tussie mussie honey - hope you are feeling better soon - hugs XXX

  2. Sorry you've not been too well again Polly. I love the cone, and the colours are just beautiful. Just my cup of tea!!!!! Hope to see you soon. x

  3. Love the creation hun, sorry to hear that you have not been well, hope your better soon
    Kate x (((((hugs)))))

  4. I love your tussy mussy. So sophisticated. I've been doing a few myself . . . originally for a swap but now as Christmas gifts (long story). They are fun to make. Hope you feel better soon.