Thursday 25 February 2010

A Scrapbook page of 'Joshua in a peapod' and Suzi Blu

From Laryngitus to a Bronchial infection - tut - give me a ciggie!!! Not really - been over 6 months now so no going back there!

This is a scrapbook page of Faye & Ash's adorable son and Sue & Paul treasured grandson - Joshua Jamie. I started doing this page last year and his approaching Christening gave me the push I needed to get it finished. I enjoyed the making of the pod - not done anything like this for ages and the photo on Sue's blog of him laid in the scales being weighed was perfect. Added some flowers and punched butterflies and the quirky lettering was from a shop in Harrogate when I visited Art from the Heart/ Tim Holtz :O) I bought one of those deep scrapbook frames from The Range for it to go inside - and here it is.

A few weeks ago Sue, Paul, Kate, Mattie, Steve and myself were having tea at the Cricks and as usual us ladies got to talking about crafting, scrapbooking, cards etc when Sue started talking about Suzi Blu and Les Petite Dolls. Unbeknown to us Paul and Steve were listening in and between them enrolled Sue and I on the course as a Valentine Days present!!! In between then and Valentines Day, Tracey from Running with Scissors had enrolled on the course and had blogged some really fantastic drawings of her dolls - just loved the whole look. So when Steve presented me with my logon and password on Valentine Day I was so very chuffed. How sweet is that - even forgave the fact he didn't get me a card!

I know Sue has been really busy with the Christening and Ginas and Fayes approaching weddings and hasnt had much time to study, but me - well I'm just drawing all the time! Ok so I'm not very good at them but I love them. Here is just a couple of faces that I've done - and then the last one is just a play piece really - they are all really clean and flat but cant wait to play with the collaging. Just bought some Glazing liquid (takes me back when I did a course on Paint Effects at college and was working with Scumble Glaze, oils, acrylics etc)

Just a close up of the shading on the face..

Just cut a dress out of scrap paper and stuck one of my practise heads on it - none of it is stuck down though - as I say still playing :O)

Well thats it for now - off to doodle some more and maybe play with some collage techniques. Thanks for looking and TTFN XX


  1. Love the pea pod and yes that image is just so perfect, he looks so cute on this fab layout
    take care and enjoy your drawing
    Hugs Kate x

  2. So pleased you showed the gorgeous frame you made for Josh. It is truly gorgeous, a real keepsake, thankyou.

    OOOOOOh You are getting on SO WELL with the Suzi Blu Polly. These are just BRILL! They look great just as a face, then better with the hair, then even better still with the dress, body and background. I still haven't even started on mine (tut-tut) but hope to take some stuff on holiday with me when I have time to enjoy it. Only 25 days to go! x

  3. Hi honey - so sorry you are still feeling under the weather, lets hope you are soon back up to full speed, wow you are doing so well on the Suzi Blu class, there was me thinking I was the only one doing it this side of the pond lol, your dolls are almost as beautiful as you, gorgeous job on the JJ page too - how cute is that, take care hon and get well soon XXX

  4. Such a sweet pea! ;o) Love your drawings of the girls. You're so inspiring. Feel better.
    Hugz, Z

  5. Just to let you know There's something on my blog for you
    I hope it makes you feel better
    Cheers Leonie:)