Monday 3 August 2009

A rather hefty post tonight - a bit of everything!!

Seems an absolute while since I posted - I really cant seem to find the time anymore like I used to. Don't know why!!! Oh well - these are the projects that I have been working on and finally finished.

I was asked to make an anniversary card for a friend at works wife - no details of colour, sentiment, shape or size!!! So I came up with this wallet style card

This is the front of the card with a little sleeve made to keep it closed

And this is the wallet opened

I had some little plastic envelope templates that I bought from Paper Paradise yonks ago and added an envelope and little card so he could write his own little message - they're on holiday this week so fingers crossed she likes it. Sure I'll find out soon enough if she doesn't!!!

I've also been working on a couple of scrapbook pages - this one was one of Steve when we went fishing in April - the cutting out of the wording took an absolute age - halfway through it I was beginning to think is it worth it! But I persevered and it came out alright.


This scrapbook page is of our lovely friends Sue and Paul - most Saturday nights you can find us in The Cricketers having a bite to eat, plenty of drink (well Steve and Paul anyway) and a good ole natter! I love this photo and was well chuffed to scan it and scrapbook it.


And not last but least, a little card and matching gift bag for my friend Kirsten at work whos birthday is it tomorrow.

Oh and I must just say Hi to my 2 friends at work who watch my blog - Ken and Chris. Walked into the security centre today and got a cuddle from both of them - 2 of the loveliest guys you could meet - very comical and very lovely - Hi Guys!!! :O)

Well thats it for tonight - just need to finish off my birdhouse, coat hanger, mirror and yet another wallet type card and I'm uptodate!!! See you soon xx


  1. Well that was worth waiting for Polly. You always come up with such different stuff. I was priveleged to see most of the projects on Saturday, and loved our 'friends' page, we do have a laugh when we go out!!!!!!! Hopefully you can craft away for some of your holiday in a couple of weeks. See ya soon.
    Sue x

  2. Love the anniversary card colours and the idea of the little envelope. The fishing scrap book page is great and bless you for all that amazing journalling. (was that the maggott dust day?) The friends page is beautiful as always.
    kate x

  3. Gorgeous card and work here. Your blog is beautiful and i know i shall be back
    hugs June x