Sunday 14 June 2009

A bit of jewellery and some cards

Before I discovered card-making and just recently scrapbooking I actually used to make lampwork beads and jewellery. It must be nearly a year now since I've been in my little studio in the garden but as I got a request for a bracelet it was time to get out some beads and silver.

I even made the little box it went in!

Bought another Sarah Kay stamp yesterday so thought I would try it out so made a little card - and I know Sam is going to love it!!! Its PINK!!! again!!!

Now its time to watch House and get some ironing done ready for work tomorrow - luckily I've got Tuesday and Wednesday off - so watch out Sue - will be wanting loads of demos Tuesday morning x


  1. Love the little box and the jewellery and the card is beautifully co ordinated and superbly coloured. I am sure you will enjoy your two days off and look forward to seeing what you do with the time. take care kate x

  2. Fab bracelet Polly and as Kate says, lovely little co-ordinated box

    Like the pink contrast with the black more than I do with the green, but pink still isn't my colour!!!!

    Enjoy your demoing with Sue on Tuesday


  3. Beautiful bracelet and love the box for it.Fab.
    Gorgeous card too.Love the cute image.
    Cass xxx

  4. IT'S PINK AND IT'S GORGEOUS. What a lucky lady. I have two beautiful pieces of your jewellery, and I treasure them. It's good to see you making someting occasionally as you are so good at it.

    See you soon,
    Sue xxx